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What is Video Marketing and Why Online Video is the Future of Content Marketing?

If your business or blog isn’t using video marketing, then you are missing out on one of the most engaging, influential and potentially profitable forms of marketing of them all. Video marketing has the ability to grab attention and to help you establish authority in ways that no other form of marketing can approach; so it’s absolutely vital that you start leveraging this type of marketing in your strategy as soon as possible. In fact, video marketing is so powerful that it could very well be all that you need in order to get word out about your business.

If you are already using video marketing though, then just as important is ensuring that you are doing so in the most highly effective way possible. Video marketing when done well is incredibly powerful but if your videos don’t have the professional sheen that your viewers expect then they could actually harm your business.

It is thus essential that you are not just incorporating video into your marketing but that you are also doing so in the best way possible. By downloading this e-book, you have taken the first step towards doing just that and throughout the course of the following chapters we will be looking in depth at how to create and share fantastic, high-quality videos that will accelerate sales and catapult your business into the stratosphere.
But what is video marketing and what makes it so successful?
Video marketing is marketing via the medium of video on the web. In many cases, this means creating videos and uploading them to YouTube, though that is only one option.

Another great example is the classroom. Do you remember when the teacher would say they were going to put on a video for a particular lesson? Even the noisiest of classes would fall silent and become very well behaved at this point – even when the topic of the video wasn’t anything particularly interesting. Video has an almost hypnotic quality and this is an excellent trait for any internet marketer.

Another advantage of video is that it’s passive. What this means is that your visitors don’t need to ‘actively’ read anything or really put any effort in at all. As soon as someone lands on your page/finds the video on YouTube, it will start playing right away and they’ll start absorbing that information. As we’ve already established, video is very hard to look away from so once you’ve caught their attention, chances are they’ll watch to the end of the video

Once you have created a great quality video for your marketing campaign that helps to promote your message and sell your product or service, the next step is to make sure it is seen by as many people as possible. Uploading to YouTube is one way to do this and YouTube has many advantages for marketers that make it a great asset. At the same time though, you might also want to use other platforms such as Vine and Vimeo and you might want to consider embedding your video on your own site.

Advantages of Video Marketing

There are several things that make video marketing particularly effective and more so than many other alternate options.

The most obvious advantage of video marketing is that it’s so highly engaging. The human brain has evolved in order to pay attention to moving images and sounds and this is why we are naturally inclined to stop and watch the television when it’s on in the background. Have you ever been talking to someone when there’s a television in the room only to notice that they’re actually looking straight past you and at the screen? The sound could be off and it could even be playing adverts but still some people will be almost unable to turn away. This isn’t anything personal (usually), it’s just a perfect example of how moving images hold our attention.

In fact, because video is multi-sensory, your visitors don’t even need to be looking at the page in order for it to be effective.
But more importantly: video is a fantastic opportunity for you to establish authority and create a relationship.

The key thing to realize about videos is that not every business or blogger has them and that means they can be used to set you apart from the crowd. Compared with written content or banner ads, creating videos requires a much bigger investment in time, a larger budget and more skill. All this means that simply having a video on your website will make your business look considerably more professional.

This is also why it’s so incredibly important that you maintain high production values in your video marketing though. If your video consists of you sitting in your living room, stuttering and coughing while delivering your message, then you will turn people away from doing business with you. On the other hand though, if you have a video that has crisp HD imagery, amazing editing and professional narration then this will communicate to the viewer that your business is professional and worth taking seriously. Don’t worry – this e-book will teach you how to create these types of video even without spending a fortune or spending years to become a professional video editor.

Finally, video lets you put your message across in a highly persuasive and engaging manner.

Once you have caught the attention of your viewers and dazzled them with your incredibly professional production values, you will then have the chance to put your message across in a vastly more persuasive manner than is possible through any other medium. This is because it will let you speak directly to your audience and to demonstrate them your passion for the products or services you provide. With the right video you can lend personality to your organization and build up a relationship of trust and authority. Music can help you to sell emotional points (great for putting across that value proposition) while the chance to actually speak and gesticulate on what it is you do will lend much more power to everything you say.

Video Marketing Statistics

In case you’re still not sold on the sheer power of video marketing, take a moment to consider some of these statistics.
 One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words based on research conducted by Forrester Research.
 100 million internet users watch online video Every Single Day.
 90% of online shoppers say that video helped them with their buying decisions…
 YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google!
So, with all that in mind, are you ready to start creating compelling and engaging videos to market your business? 

Video Marketing Trends
Video Marketing Trends
Video Marketing Trends 2020
Video Marketing Trends 2020

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